Supporting Local Artists Each Month

At Rob Shaw Gallery & Framing, we offer a different artist's show each month for viewing and purchasing. Since we know there is nothing like owning an original fine art piece, we believe in giving our patrons a variety of options from talented, South Carolina artists. Not only does it help them continue doing what they love, but it also allows them to grow and improve as artists. There are many ways you can support your local artists, and each one is just as important as the next.

One of the best ways to support your local artists is by going to their shows. This not only allows you to see their work firsthand, but it also helps them sell their pieces. If you can't make it to their open reception, you can come into the gallery at 324 State Street in West Columbia Monday-Friday 10a-6p, or Saturday 11a-4p on a day more convenient for you.

Another great way to support your local artists is by sharing their work on social media. This helps them get exposure and lets others know about their work. You can also leave reviews on their social platforms or Google to let others know what you think. The more people who know about them, the better!

No matter how you choose to support your local artists, remember that every little bit helps. They appreciate your support and are always working hard to create new and exciting pieces for you to enjoy. Look to our Events page for upcoming shows!

"Island" by Rebecca Horne, pictured above.