Palette Knife Oil Painting Class at NoMa Warehouse

March 29th, 6:00p-9:30pm - Sunflowers

Rob Shaw Oil Painting Supply List

For your convenience I have supply packs available for purchase. Everything below is included.

Required Oil Paints:
Preferred brand: Winsor Newton Winton

Large Tube, 200ml tube

Zinc White or Titanium White

Small Tubes, 37ml tubes

Alizarin Crimson
Cadmium Yellow Light or Lemon Yellow
French Ultramarine Blue
Cerulean Blue
Viridian Green
Yellow Ochre

Required Acrylic Paint
Liquitex “Basics” Brand 4oz. tube

Raw Sienna


Large tear drop shaped palette knife

Palette for paint mixing (flat wood panel/plexi)

Roll of paper towels

You can use any size canvas you like. I recommend using a canvas, between the size of 11x14 through 16x20.

Class Sunflowers10
Class Sunflowers10

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